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The idea


A new way to present frozen pizza, risotto and pasta

After many years of experience in gastronomy and food, and after having selected the best products from the Italian territory for his restaurants, NICOLA LENTINI now brings the top quality of his pizza, risotto and pasta into consumer homes. For the first time, a truly unique product is revolutionizing consumer habits, because for lack of time, they prefer to consume a ready-to-eat meal, without compromising quality.

LENTINI pizza, risotto and pasta guarantee excellent quality and taste that today nobody else can provide with a frozen product: exclusively handmade meals, prepared according to our great Italian culinary tradition.

Only traditional Italian recipes, made unique by Nicola Lentini’s long-term experience in the restaurant business and by the exclusive use of top-quality ingredients from ”Made in Italy suppliers” only.

All LENTINI products are genuinely handmade.

Our raw


The idea


How is it possible that frozen food cannot be of finest quality?
NICOLA LENTINI, whose core philosophy is the love of excellence, is introducing this new concept of “HANDMADE” frozen food.
Giving all its customers an opportunity to taste a meal of homemade pasta, risotto or pizza, at home, identical to the fresh quality offered in LENTINI's restaurants.
By banning industrial processes and low quality industrial raw materials, LENTINI ready-to-eat meals become for the first time truly “HANDMADE” in Italy!

The idea


For a product to be called “handmade”, it has to be prepared by hand only, and by an experienced artisan.

LENTINI frozen pizza, risotto and pasta can truly be defined as “handmade”, as it is they are completely made by hand, with their ingredients coming from selected suppliers only.
The idea


LENTINI’s philosophy is to provide simply the best-in-class products ”Made in Italy”.
Moreover, to tell our consumers all over the world that our products are manufactured
by the hand of our experienced Pizza Masters with truly excellent Italian ingredients.
LENTINI pizza is made with unique ingredients, from Italy: water from the Alps,
stone-ground our whole wheat sea salt, organic tomato, mozzarella from Italian milk and``extra
virgin`` olive oil. Ingredients of excellent quality are fundamental to differentiate our handmade
pizza from any other supplier.
Every single pizza is made by hand and will be different from all the others,
the dough will be always and only handmade, the organic tomato will be always striped
by hand by our pizza makers, mozzarella will be hand-cut, pizza will be spread out and
added by hand.
For this reason we proudly call it “Handmade Pizza” and you will taste the difference!

The idea


LENTINI dough is made daily by our Pizza Masters.

It is left to rise around 24 hours in specific boxes which are temperature-controlled and then worked by hand into blocks of 260 grams which are then subject to growth further for at least additional 18 hours – until perfect maturation is reached after more than 30 hours.

This process brings two advantages: a unique fragrance and a very high digestibility.

The idea


LENTINI pizza is baked in special Neapolitan stone ovens called “Biscuit of Sorrento”, just as it happens in LENTINI’s restaurants. Hereafter, it is deep frozen through a deep-freezing process that preserves the original fragrance and taste.

The result is a truly handmade pizza, at least at par with Italy’s prime pizza restaurants. Deep-frozen immediately after being baked, using an ultra-fast freezing process which in no time turns the fresh product into frozen.

Within just 8 minutes in a 180C° oven, without the necessity to defrost the product, LENTINI pizza can be consumed easily at home or anywhere else. Our product comes with the same tastes and flavours as if it just came out of our pizzeria oven!