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Our Raw Materials


LENTINI exclusively uses ''Acquerello'' Carnaroli Superfine rice for its risotti.''Acquerello'' rice is famous amongst the top world chefs, being considered the best rice in the world for making risotto. ''Acquerello'' rice is harvested using organic farming methods on the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara Estate, which the Rondolino family acquired in 1935. In this region, rice has been cultivated since the 16th century. ''Acquerello'' rice is aged, refined, enriched and packed, all on the same Estate in Piedmont's Vercelli province. 99% of the rice is aged for 1.5 years, while the remaining 1% is aged for a full 7 years. The world's only remaining producer to use the gentle helix process for refining (or whitening), allowing the grains to survive perfectly intact, without scratches. For supreme flavours, ''Acquerello'' is also the world's only rice to be enriched with its own germ (or embryo), the source of valuable vitamins and micro-elements. The result is the world's best risotto: higher starch content, firmer texture, keeping the rice in optimum shape for maximum resistance to overcooking.