Strada del portone, 61 

       10137 TORINO, ITALY 

Our Raw Materials


GRAGNANO pasta, from 2011 protected at national level in Italy, on 11th of October 2013 also received the IGP (Indication Geographic Protected) appellation, approved by the European Commission. Thanks to the IGP appellation, GRAGNANO pasta is protected against falsifications and abuses. The IGP appellation guarantees the origin and the quality of the product and, for GRAGNANO pasta, proves a century-old tradition. First of all, GRAGNANO pasta has to be made only from durum wheat semolina and water from the local aquifer. The hard natural water, typical from this region, is one of the fundamental factors behind the quality of the final product. Furthermore, all production has to be done inside the Gragnano municipality. Once dried, pasta should be packed within a maximum of 24 hours, without being transported, to allow a perfect preservation of the product.