Strada del portone, 61 

       10137 TORINO, ITALY 

The history

October 20, 1953

The day Alfonso Lentini descended from the train, at the age of 14 years, that took him to Turin from his home in Calabria. He was welcomed by aunt Gina, who taught him the spirit of sacrifice and the first foundation to become a future fruit merchant. From that moment on, the story of the Lentini family began in the world of agro-food which brought Nicola, the first-born son, to follow his father's footsteps. First, as a fruit merchant and subsequently, as an entrepreneur in the food business.


My Restaurants

Torino - Milano - Alassio


The history

  • 1953 – Alfonso Lentini begins his career in the agri-food industry.
  • 1969 – Nicola Lentini, his first-born son, was born in Turin.
  • 1988 – At the end of his studies he starts to work with his father as a fruit merchant, finding out his great passion for natural products.
  • 2000 – He opens the first of five supermarkets. His experience will be fundamental for his upbringing and the passion for top quality raw materials, their traceability and the real “Made in Italy”.
  • 2011 – Nicola decides to open his first restaurant in Turin, Lentini’s Pizza Restaurant & Grill, which is later followed by a second one in Turin in 2015, and then last one in Milan in 2016.
The history

Nicola Lentini

“Since I opened my first restaurant in Turin, I discovered a certainty: the quality and origin of our raw materials are fundamental for an excellent final result. For this reason, I personally follow each and every one of the producers of the ingredients that I use. Only Italian, genuine, traceable and high quality products.

My dream? With LENTINI handmade products I want to bring Italian excellence all over the world…”